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Photo Mélodie Jourdain-Michel

Mélodie Jourdain-Michel

Kuei kassinu eteshiek,

My name is Mélodie Jourdain-Michel and I come from the...

Jennifer O'bomsawin - First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Youth Network Spokesperson

Jennifer O'bomsawin

Community: Wendake

Nation: Huron-Wendat

Photo Jennifer O'bomsawin


My name is Jennifer O' Bomsawin and I am a spokeswoman substitute for the Network youth. I am a member of the community of Wendake and I live at present in Odanak. I am student in politics at the University of Sherbrooke besides getting involved in the diverse native organizations.

Within the Network youth of the First Nations I long to represent of my best the young people of the diverse native communities of Quebec and Labrador. I believe strongly in the youth and even more in the native youth. I have the firm conviction that we shall change the world and the reality of native peoples. We enormously have to say and we hold a traditional knowledge dating thousand years to pass on. We are the native youth the most educated by the history and we have to put that advantage on our side.

Little message for young people who read me now: I believe in you, Aboriginal youth, and I hope you will help me to represent you in various forums and activities in which we are called to participate.

Feel free to never talk to me, I'm here for you, and remember above all that I believe in you and am convinced that together we will succeed.

Not let go and good luck!

See you soon !

Jennifer O'Bomsawin

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